Our community is at the heart of our studio and from the moment we decided to open our doors again, we have worked around the clock to produce a plan of action that keeps our community not only at the heart, but at the forefront of our decisions. Cleanliness and safety have always been amongst our top priorities as a studio but now we’ve strengthened our commitment to both.

Below you will find up to date protocols that we at Class Studios have put into place in order to keep our clients, our instructors, and our staff safe and healthy. Please note that these are subject to change, to be fine-tuned and adjusted as we continue to monitor the situation at hand, keeping a close eye on all government and data driven guidelines and mandates.


  • Maintaining Social Distance
    • Our Crew will work diligently to move clients smoothly through the studio while maintaining social distance from you and other patrons. This begins with allowing clients in one by one prior to the start of class.
    • Weather-permitting and when possible, We ask that all clients or studio visitors wait outside of the studio on our socially distanced line markings, or inside of your car, until our Class Crew opens the front door to welcome each individual in one at a time.
  • Use of Face Coverings
    • Face coverings are required in all common areas of the studio. This includes the lobby, hallways, and retail.
    • Upon the start of Class and once the studio door is closed, face coverings are optional but must be worn immediately following the end of class.
  • Pressing Pause on All Rentals
    • In order to limit multiple uses of the same item there will be no equipment rentals available at either studio until further notice. This includes cycle shoes, yoga mats, yoga towels, and ankle weights.
      • We have cycle shoes, yoga mats, and yoga towels available for purchase at our studios.
      • We will continue to search for stock of ankle weights as they become available.
    • To continue limiting unnecessary touchpoints for our employees, we will no longer offer towel service. If by chance you forget your sweat towel, we will have brand new ones for purchase at the front desk.
  • No Locker or Shower Access
    • Lockers and showers will be unavailable for the time being.
    • Please keep belongings light, for you will be asked to keep them in the room with you.
  • Timing is Everything
    • Once the instructor has started class and the doors have been closed, we will not be allowing late arrivals.
  • We Are Going Cashless
    • In order to keep physical exchanges with the front desk minimal, we ask that you update your card on file by logging into your account at www.class-studios.com and scrolling to the bottom of your account page.
    • In the event this does not work, Class Crew will be wearing gloves and taking credit cards.


  • But First, We Sanitize
    • As you arrive into the studio our Class Crew, while wearing masks and gloves, will be providing every individual with hand sanitizer before check in.
  • Temperature Checks
    • Once sanitized, Class Crew will use a contactless thermometer to measure all client temperatures upon arrival.
  • Verbal Check Ins
    • There will be signage on the floors encouraging you to maintain social distance as you verbally check in with the Crew Member at the front desk.
  • Again, We Are Going Cashless
    • A simple reminder to update your card on file. Please see “As You Prepare for Class” for more information.


  • Change in Capacity
    • Class capacities for all concepts have been reduced to maintain proper social distancing. Each room has been measured out to accommodate six feet of distance between each station.
  • Adjusted Schedule for Enhanced Cleaning
    • We will still be providing 45 minutes of movement, sweat, and community but our schedule will look a little different to allow 30 minutes between each class for a thorough disinfection.
  • Sanitizing Wipes
    • Although we will be doing deep cleans of all studios between classes, there will also be wipe dispensers in each room for individual usage.
  • Sharing Isn’t Caring
    • All clients will have access to their own equipment. No equipment will be shared amongst individuals at any time during class.
  • Space is Love
    • Our instructors have got a lot of love to give but will be sharing it from an appropriate distance away, be it on a podium or perimeter of the room.
  • Again, Timing is Everything
    • Another friendly reminder that we will not be allowing any late arrivals once the studio doors have closed.
  • Don’t Cancel, But if You Must
    • With the reduced capacity for each class, we want to ensure as many of you get to sweat as possible. We will be sticking with our cancellation policies and ask that you cancel before the 12 hour mark.


  • Removing High Touchpoint Amenities
    • Although we know we enjoy our mints, hair ties, and personal care items (such as body lotion and q-tips) as much as you do, we will no longer have these types of amenities on display.
  • 30 Minute Deep Cleans
    • Crew will spend 30 minutes between each class to disinfect all surfaces, equipment (whether used or not), mirrors, floors, and more to maintain a high level of sanitation at all times.
    • In addition, bathrooms and high touch points, such as door handles and frames, will be disinfected every 30 minutes.
  • The New Employee Uniform
    • Class Crew is required to wear both masks and gloves during the entirety of their shift.
  • Employee Temperature Checks
    • All employees will use a contactless thermometer to check their temperatures at the start of every shift.
  • Our New Obsession with Disinfectant
    • At the start, end, and throughout every shift our Crew will be using disinfectant spray and wipes to clean off all surfaces, retail shelving, bathroom counters, toilet handles, and more, to continue upholding sanitation standards.


If you’ve made it this far, we know this is a lot to take in but as a studio we are willing to go to great lengths to take care of our community. Now we want to ask the same of you. Aside from following government guidelines and regulations we ask that each individual who walks through our doors understands that although this looks a little different we are all in this together and we must do our part.

As a member of the Class Studios Family, we’d like your commitment on the following:

  • As the profound Ludacris once said, “get back, get back. Please maintain a socially appropriate distance from all individuals and refrain from person-to-person contact including hugs, high fives, fist bumps, hip checks, and more.
  • If you are feeling even slightly under the weather, be it a cough, tickle in your throat, itchy eye, stomach ache, headache, or more, take advice from Fifth Harmony and “work(out) from home.
  • And when you step into the studio, we ask that you channel your inner Beyonce, get in “formation and bring the energy.